Frequently Asked Questions

 Why did you re-design the site, I was just getting used to it !

The new site works better on mobile devices, and the software is faster and more secure. The old site software was no longer secure. We were ready for a change. You'll probably get used to it this way as well. Please tell us what you think here

 Where is the Steamboat Weather instrument station ?

We have a set of weather measuring instruments on top of the Legacy Vacation Suites building at Overlook. This location is between Old Town and the Mountain, and is well exposed to the conditions that it measures.

 How long has your weather station and web site been in operation ?

The weather station was built by Jim Buford in 2003. The first version of the web site was created in that year also. The current owner took over the operations in 2007, and the current web site was created in 2016.

What is the accumulated snowfall (to a given date)

Our precipitation gauge measures water, not snow. The total precipitation figure in our Current Conditions panel shows total ranfall, not snowfall. When we find a reliable way to gather or view total snowfall, we will publish it on the site.

How can I advertise on SteamboatWeather ?

Most of our banner ads are through Google AdWords. Those ads are rotated by Google, and advertisers pay Google for them.

SOME of our ads are placed for our advertising clients that work with us directly. You may Contact us here to purchase a direct ad.

Where is the archival data collected by your weather station ?

In the past we spent a lot of time archiving the data in a searchable form. No one ever wanted it, and we found that the time spent was not cost effective. We no longer maintain archival weather data. 

Why are the Steamboat weather cameras fuzzy/dark/icy/wet ?

The two cameras that we maintain are up high (for the view) and outdoors (in weatherproof enclosures). 

Dark or Fuzzy : The cameras auto-adjust to light levels, but cannot see in the dark. When they are adjusting (sunrise/sunset/storms) sometimes the image is not completely focused. Usually the very next image is either better, or too dark to see anything anyway.

Ice / Snow / Rain obscuring the lens : The image will clear later in the day, please check back.